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secret of cooking noodle delicious
Longnoodle has become a traditional dish of Vietnam. Whether farmers in the countryside all year roundplowed fields or busy public places in urban bustle as well as overseas Vietnamese living in major cities around the world - where no shortage of cheers - are looking forward to enjoying hot bowl of phocomplex and aromaticsimplest way home flavorWith the hope of the home can delicious cooking, we recommend cooking somedelicious secret formula of Dong Nam Dinh pho


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From the formula "Northern Cook noodlesnoodle flavor of Dong Nam Dinhby experts Han Pham Thang, a native of Nam Dinh collection, there are six stages in the cooking processEach stage has different secrets tocreating tasty and attractive bowl of pho.
1.1Recipes using fresh water:
Want fresh water used to cook many bonesFresh from the main bone to pick bone to knowIn particular, thebone most fresh tubethen the spine and ribs. Bone 10 -12 hours to cook sweetSome people use a pressure cooker for fast cooking to save time and energy.
1.2Secret smell of cow bone removal
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Buy beef bones are soaked in barrels to flood the bone with salt, lemon and ginger crushed live from 4 to 6 hours. Then rub bone to the vessel and no longer sticky meat outside the bone if water pipes will also smell.Next, rinse beef bones to the basket and drain cleaning preparation phase of bone. Bones do not want to smell, people cooked a large pot of boiling water from 10 to 15 liters of air with live crushed ginger, finely departed with a glass of white wine and dipped beef bones within 10 to 20 minutes and check the cleanliness of bone before cooking.
1.3. The trick used in water

Depending on the amount of bone that choose to boil the water level accordingly. However, boiling water and hot enough to last for beef on the bone. When cooking beef bones to the fire to olive Riu moderate bone time release sweetener, if the fire will do to the water cloudy and have picked up scum floating on the water last only until the end. If cooking for a long time (from 10 to 12 hours), water should be gone down to cook a pot of boiling water added slowly, not for the cold water will cool down the pot noodle loss of appetite for failing to ensure the exciting times are 12 hours.
1.4 trick pho broth scented
To add to the sweet water, people still use ginger and onion baked oven a moderate amount of new aroma, a little too well not work. Besides, the ginger for digestion, the fat also makes delicious noodles fresh medium. In addition to common drugs, including pho Congress, cardamom, cloves roasted fire with a certain amount so that the noodles are not bitter and black. Generic drug for bags is always the art should be prepared prior to use, can also add a little cinnamon aroma. According to the formula of Dong Nam Dinh pho, for small garlic clove, peeled fresh in bags hanging in the noodle pot noodle as both drugs have effects other than bacteria and cancer has made special flavor of pho. Do not use these materials is to take the taste of pho. Some people like to use fresh water should add dried shrimp, dried squid noodle soups are being re-seed. Song has beet users or the devotees sá (area of ​​Quang Ninh, Hai Phong), very sweet without losing the taste of pho. The secret to delicious noodles with very hot water.
Recipes chosen noodles
Rice cake made with delicious, delicious new cake. Soft noodles, but not easily give up to reach as fast as water soaked into the noodles last. Eating noodles often are fleshy, sweet rice to eat noodles instead of rice and can eat any time of day, however noodles dipped in boiling water without a foul smell. Therefore, when preparing noodle bowl, noodle is often secondary to the boiling water and shake dry cheer for, and the water used immediately, should not take too long because it decreases the cakes cool hot bowl of pho.

Recipes chosen meat
Many people believe that meat is selected the art. Because the body is very much cow meat, but meat is meat tasty renewable plastics are tough and soft, not hard. Buffalo meat is dark hydrophobic, will lose their appetites, lose flavor beef noodle soup!
Decorated bowl of pho
Eating noodles is fussy to prepare, not only in the cooking process, but also presented bowl of pho at the table.Eating greasy noodles are not afraid, not being tired as always eaten with various vegetables such as herbs, basil, coriander in spicy blend of spicy red pepper slices, pieces of fresh lemon sour and sweet taste, the little man man like black. According to the artists by cooking every recipe Dong Nam Dinh, not price or something other than the leaves of vegetables to eat with noodles as the place re khac.Thit, meat encrusted move to the song does not cover cake.
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First, the noodles were dipped in boiling water, drain and place in medium bowl to eat. Then, using chopsticks to dig cake noodles are not sticking together. Next, cut each slice of beef or preference of the food that re-classified, ornate, paint, bucket .... How clever to pick up chopsticks for each of the guests are noodles with meat. Besides white rice noodles, beef, brown or yellow in the bucket, scallions, onions and cilantro also contributed to further adorn the beautiful bowl of pho and delicious. For step chan noodle bowl so much for the tasty but elaborate to be chan at all on the noodle bowl, around the meat warm while the meat is cooked all that remained green onion, onion and cilantro the noodle bowl.
When enjoying beef noodle bowl, one can understand the philosophy of art and cuisine of Vietnam. Noodle bowl represent the views of Vietnam in both senses food: hot noodle arm belly, nose smelling fragrance, eye colors each material, the tongue tastes nutty and puffy ears hear the blow collapse back to the incredible taste. Sure, every place will have its own secret cooking tasty noodles but with a desire to become a popular dish in every home in Vietnam, we believe that with the efforts and strive together, each one Vietnam will keep his father's noodle recipe and become ambassadors to promote pho abroad. For then one day, tens of millions of visitors worldwide will know, Vietnam, to Vietnam, calling Vietnam through multiple specialties including traditional noodle flavors of Vietnam.

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